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Oxaloacetic Acid Powder

Product Name: Oxaloacetic acid
Cas No.: 328-42-7
Molecular Foumula: C4H4O5
Molucular Weight: 132.07

Oxaloacetate(oxaloacetic acid, OAA,Cas no.328-42-7)

What is Oxaloacetic acid?

Oxaloacetic Acid, also known as oxaloacetate or simply OAA, is a white crystalline dicarboxylic acid, that is formed by oxidation of malic acid. It is an organic molecule, naturally produced in humans as part of the in the Krebs cycle (also known as the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle or the Citric Acid Cycle)

Physical and chemical properties


Product Name: Oxaloacetic acid

Synonyms: OAA, Oxobutanedioic acid, benaGene ,Oxaloacetic acid, Oxalacetic acid, 2-Oxosuccinic acid, Ketosuccinic acid, Oxaloacetate,3-carboxy-3-oxopropanoic acid

Cas No.: 328-42-7

Molecular Foumula: C4H4O5

Molucular Weight: 132.07

How safe is it?
OAA occurs naturally in foods including apples, bananas, peas, potatoes and spinach in low concentrations. Chronic toxicology tests concluded that OAA is non-toxic.
By comparison, OAA has the same toxicity as Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) which has also been categorized as non-toxic and generally regarded as safe by the FDA. OAA is a legal, safe and stimulant-free way to improve physical performance, especially for endurance athletes.

What benefits you will get from taking OAA ?
Supplemental OAA has been particularly effective at increasing the muscular endurance of mice by more than ten percent. People who push themselves hard during exercise will notice that they can do one more rep (that last rep that really stimulates muscle growth) or that they will have the energy to maintain their pace while cycling, running, swimming or any endurance event. They will have the energy to push hard through the finish line and beyond. And the harder you push, the more you will recuperate and grow stronger. After taking oxaloacetate for a few weeks you will notice an increased level of energy throughout endurance training.
Oxaloacetate promote weight loss. OAA has been shown to reduce the expression of genes that create and store fats. Supplement with OAA has been shown in scientific studies to activate AMPK, the “Master Switch of Metabolism”, which means that OAA actually “burns fat” inside the muscle cells. Oxaloacetic acid may help to reduce body fat levels and prevent “diet rebound”, making dieting more successful.

Oxaloacetate can starve cancer. Studies have shown that the consumption of an oxaloacetate supplement can decrease blood glutamate levels by 40%.This leads to a reduction of tumor size and invasiveness.Furthermore, patients who are given an oxaloacetate supplement experience an increased survival rate of 237%.

What is more, oxaloacetate can reduce brain trauma.Oxaloacetate removes glutamate from the bloodstream. This allows the brain to recover from strokes and traumatic injuries.Without glutamate, neurons can naturally restore their long-term potentiation, allowing the cells to transmit signals more quickly, which leads to faster neural communication and improved brain function


(1)How is your oxaloacetate produced ?

Our OAA is produced by fermentation technology.

(2)How about the safety of your oxaloacetate ?

Oxaloacetic acid naturally produced in humans as part of the in the Krebs cycle, what is more, it is produced from fermentation process, no pesticides residue.

(3) Is your oxaloacetate steady under high temperature ?

Yes, our OAA is thermally stable form.

(4) Is your oxaloacetate competitive on market ?

Yes, we are the unique OAA manufacturer in china, high quality guaranteed.

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