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Oxaloacetic Acid CAS 328-42-7

General introduction
Product name: Oxalacetic acid
CAS No.: 328-42-7
Molecular Formula: C4H4O5
Molecular Weight: 132.1

Oxaloacetic acid for losing weight & anti-aging, CAS # 328-42-7

General introduction

Product name: Oxalacetic acid

Other name: OAA, Oxobutanedioic acid, benaGene, Oxaloacetic acid, Oxalacetic acid,

2-Oxosuccinic acid, Ketosuccinic acid, Oxaloacetate, 3-carboxy-3-oxopropanoic acid

CAS No.: 328-42-7

Molecular Formula: C4H4O5

Molecular Weight: 132.1

Specification: 98%

Appearance: White crystalline powder

What is Oxaloacetic acid?

Oxaloacetic acid is a dicarboxylic acid that is a substrate for the enzymes malate dehydrogenase and oxalacetate decarboxylase when the oxaloacetic acid is in its anionic form oxaloacetate.

Oxaloacetic acid, in the form of its conjugate base oxaloacetate, is a metabolic intermediate in many processes that occur in animals.

Oxaloacetic acidity is a new idea in supplements, a natural ingredient that activates favorable genes to assist slow aging, normalize and stabilize glucose functioning, and lower-regulate the molecular paths that induce and store body fat.

Sources of Oxaloacetic acid

Oxaloacetic acid is discovered specifically in oranges, apples, bananas, peas, taters and green spinach in low concentration. Additionally, natural content of oxaloacetic acid is very low from these fruits, and bulk oxaloacetic acid isn’t practical to be acquired from food, but from supplements. Oxaloacetate is extremely unstable and does not last more than a day at room temperature. However, an intricate process just been developed which has enabled it to be thermally stabilized and thus made available for use in supplements.

Benefits of Oxaloacetic acid

Oxaloacetic acid is a very important intermediate in metabolism. The compound is involved in the citric acid cycle for energy production within the cell.

Many experimental and studies have shown it play a prominent role in life extension, anti-aging, blood sugar regulation, protect brain health, improved sleeping and energy etc.

Prolong life & Anti-aging

Oxaloacetic acid as a nutritional supplement, it’s novel anti-aging ingredients and have potential benefit of increasing lifespan. The animal research out of UCSD and UCLA in "Aging Cell" documents that excess oxaloacetate supplemented to C.Elegans, flys causes an increase in lifespan of 25%. Also some related article strongly suggests that the molecular pathways activated by oxaloacetate supplementation are the same pathways as are activated in dietary restriction. The mechanism is the ability of oxaloacetate to mimic the calorie restricted metabolic state (but without the need to cut calories) and there is no side effect.

A famous brand - benaGene contains patented "Thermally Stabilized Oxaloacetate" and Vitamin C.oxaloacetate is a natural energy molecule that is critical to human metabolism and proper cellular function.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Some researchers from Japan isolated oxaloacetic acid was able to reduce blood sugar levels in mice.It was tested in humans and determined to be effective in a majority of participants with both two different types diabetes.Later through infrared spectral analysis,and created a sodium-based form of oxaloacetic acid,they discovered that it significantly lowered blood sugar levels in both normal and diabetic animals.


Other functions:

●Anticancer & Antitumor

●Protect brain health,

●Improving sleeping & energy

●Maintenance weight

Oxaloacetic acid dosage

There is no recommendation for the dosage of oxaloacetic acid. However,the supplements containing stabilised oxaloacetic acid on the label shows that is 100 mg each day in capsule form, usually combined with vitamin C and other natural ingredients in the market.

Oxaloacetic acid storage

Oxaloacetic acid (328-42-7) is unstable in solution, decomposing to pyruvate by decarboxylation over a period of hours (room temperature). Oxalacetic acid may decompose in solution even at 0°C. The decomposition increases as the temperature increases. In food processing, even traces of oxalacetic acid doesn’t stay in the processed food. This sensitivity is the greatest one of the oxocarboxylic chemicals. pH, metal ions (Cu2 , Fe3 , Li ) and many kind of amines have strong impact on the decomposition rate. Therefore, stabilized oxaloacetic acid (Oxaloacetate) is a must for longer storage.


Q: Is CIMA a manufacturer for Oxaloacetic acid?

A: Yes, CIMA is a manufacturer for Oxaloacetic acid with about 15 years experience in China.

Q: Is Oxaloacetic acid safe?

A: Oxaloacetic acid is a cellular metabolite in the human body therefore oxaloacetate is really a safe without any serious adverse effects. Oxaloacetic acid and resveratrol can work synergistically.

Q: Do you have common stock for Oxaloacetic acid ?

A: Oxaloacetic acid isn’t a common stock item, it can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

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