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The Effect Of Vitamin-containing Vitamins In Black Garlic On Lowering Blood Pressure
Jan 15, 2018

Black garlic is rich in nutrients, which contain potassium, vitamins and other human essential nutrients, can effectively help the body to expel excess sodium, play a lower blood pressure effect. Rich in calcium, magnesium is conducive to the reduction of blood pressure. Raw black garlic will have a spicy, which is the taste of the material, propylene sulfide can help people through the nose, to alleviate the cold symptoms.

For people with poor eyesight, eating black garlic may affect eyesight, so it is not recommended to eat regularly. Black garlic to the human body's irritating, the absorption of the drug has more obvious interference, so the person who is sick to take medicine is best to avoid eating black garlic, lest affect the efficacy. In cooking, hypertensive patients can choose to put a little more black garlic, increase the photo of black garlic.

Black garlic spicy temperature, with strong kill Yin, detoxification anti-inflammatory, detoxification clear bowel, prevention of cold and so on. After the beginning of spring, Yang Qi germinal, human metabolic enhancement, is a good time to health. However, at this time is also a variety of bacteria and microorganisms breeding, recovery season, this time can eat more black garlic to help kill yin detoxification.

"Vernacular solution" black garlic flavor of the temperature, to the spleen, stomach, lung meridian. function spleen warm stomach, digestion of meat grains, treatment of abdominal cold pain, loss of appetite, food accumulation, external or internal, there are detoxification, insecticidal, swelling effect, used for carbuncle swelling boil poison, mangy. Multiple use of injury eyes, liver fever head disease and Yin deficiency fire, mouth of all patients are not suitable for use.

"Dosage usage" internal 5~10 grams, or raw food, or made of syrup clothing. Apply appropriate amount, ramming, slice rub. In addition, garlic moxibustion is a commonly used moxibustion method of indirect moxibustion.