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Simple Analysis Of The Understanding Of Black Garlic By Traditional Chinese Medicine
Jan 15, 2018

Black garlic alias: Meat, hu, garlic, single garlic, garlic, garlic, etc.

The sexual taste of black garlic: Spicy of raw character, ripe character sweet

The return of the black garlic, into the spleen, 0, lung, large intestine meridian

The efficacy of black garlic, the line of stagnation, warm spleen armor, the meat, Xiaozheng product, through the fabric of the wind, heat, to remove the turbid, Solution hundred poison, kill hundred insects, fitness and longevity.

"Doctors do not record" it as low-grade, that it has the main scattered carbuncle swelling, sting sores, in addition to wind evil, the role of killing poisonous gas, "Tang Materia medica" that it has the gas, elimination of the valley, meat, in addition to the role of the wind breaking cold "with the rest of the diet," said that its tamping in addition to cold and dampness, yin Evil, gas heating, to eliminate the grain of meat, broken blood, the role of the cold product I "Roche will be about medical mirror "That it has an appetizer to the spleen, the Valley Hua Tong, the disease, to eliminate carbuncle swelling effect." "Dietotherapy Herbal Medicine" that it has in addition to the wind, insecticide, remove the role of poisonous gas, "materia medica new" that it has appetizers, spleen, the Valley Hua Tong, the provision of evil exorcism, Tong Five, reach all the body, to cold stagnation, the solution of the Mirage, the plague, the role of carbuncle swelling I "to seek truth" that it has opened H spleen, Xuan body to make evil, dispel cold dehumidification, Solution department loose Phlegm, The effect of swelling and dispersion of drugs.