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New Employee Orientation Training Of Cima Science
Apr 20, 2018

In order to get the new employees to understand the corporate culture as soon as possible, adapt to the working environment and meet the work requirements. The general affairs office/logistics group human resources department has launched three new employee orientation training since April 16.


This training has held three lectures, covering the development history of logistics group, organizational structure framework, corporate culture, safe production knowledge, service etiquette and common sense. All courses are covered by the training specialist, with more than 110 trainees. The training for new employees in a group environment in the process of the injected power and confidence, lay the foundations for the upcoming work at the grass-roots level, is also facing a graduation season for the upcoming work went all out!


In the process of training, teachers stimulate their enthusiasm for learning through interaction, sharing and collaboration with employees, so that participants can concentrate and participate actively.

In class, the teacher also showed the study effect, by the end of the course, and through the questionnaire and on-site inspection form understanding of training to the staff, ensure that the training to obtain the actual effect.


Logistics group provides employees with learning and development platform, encourage professional growth of the support staff, hope that through this study, all the new staff as soon as possible into the work team, realize their own value in the work, positive enterprising, follow in the footsteps of group development, efforts to build a dream, continue to improve!