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Four Main Processing Points Of Black Garlic
Jan 15, 2018

Black garlic, also known as fermented black garlic, need to use fresh garlic, in the environment of high humidity and high temperature fermentation produced. In the processing of black garlic has a lot of important knowledge to note, the following black garlic manufacturers for your detailed introduction:

Four main processing points of black garlic

1, for black garlic processing of fresh garlic should choose a complete, not skinned, full, not long mold point of garlic.

2, in order to prevent the garlic water loss, wilting, the test after qualified garlic should be placed in the temperature-1~0℃, humidity is 70%~80% storage.

Four main processing points of black garlic

3, garlic before processing still need to clean a minute, and then put into the centrifuge dry, put in a cool and dry environment for 4-6 hours, then grading selection.

4, black garlic manufacturers recommend that you should choose glass or ceramics for the fermentation of black garlic, do not use plastic containers, people have peculiar smell, and garlic must be put in the fermentation container.