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Edible Function Of Black Garlic
Jan 15, 2018

Black Garlic was a new type of healthy food which was processed by bio-fermentation, which was developed in the beginning of 21st century. Compared with raw garlic, the black garlic had a great change in taste and nutrition, and had a significant improvement in the health function of medicine and medicine. Through the bio-fermentation technology, the garlic from the traditional consumption of the condiment to be limited to the successful transformation of the seasoning can carry the leisure-type health food, so that the original edible function of garlic to greatly enhance the human health has an important contribution. This article on the black Garlic Strong antioxidant, anti-aging, prevention of cancer, strong sterilization, reduce blood sugar, lipid-lowering, prevention of heart and brain disease, liver-preserving strong sperm and other medicinal effects.

1. In the process of browning of black garlic, the polyphenol complex was formed by simple polyphenols, and the antioxidant of polyphenol was stronger.

2. In fresh garlic, there are substances that reduce or inhibit the activity of active enzymes, which can reduce the activity of inhibiting substances and improve the activity of active enzymes in the black garlic.

3, Black garlic Manufacturers Summary: Fresh garlic is a part of the close combination with other substances, in the long period of heating process they are completely released.

It has higher antioxidant activity than common garlic, more than 5 times times higher than normal garlic, and superoxide dismutase activity is 15 times times higher, and free radical scavenging ability is more than 8 times times of fresh garlic. Through bio-fermentation technology, the researchers successfully converted garlic from traditional condiment with limited intake to a portable health food, so that the original edible function of garlic can be greatly improved, which is of great value to human health.