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Black Garlic Has A Certain Protective Effect On Human Health
Jan 15, 2018

Black garlic, ancient times called the Hu, garlic. Can be used medicinally, also can eat, to human health has a certain protective effect. Every 100 grams of black garlic contains protein 4. 4 grams, Fat 0. 2 grams, carbon hydrate 23. 6 grams, Calcium 5 mg, iron 0. 4 mg, thiamine 0. 24 mg, 0 grams of niacin. 9 mg, ascorbic acid 3 mg. In addition to these, black garlic also contains black garlic, to ' and more germanium, selenium, zinc, copper, magnesium and other rare.

Compendium of Materia Medica describes in detail the detoxification of black garlic, anti-inflammatory, spleen and other functions: black garlic "smell xin, temperature", "garlic people of the sun, Yang Ming, its gas-burning, can pass five, up to all the body, to cold wet, to produce evil, eliminate carbuncle swollen ... Carry the journey, then phlogistic wind miasma rain can not add.

People often say that eating meat does not eat garlic, nutrition reduced by half. Therefore, in the family diet, the best time to eat meat with a little garlic. This is due to meat, especially lean meat contains = 怍 is often rich in vitamin B. , it stays in the body for a short time and can f:i with the urinal. If eating meat, eat a little black garlic, the meat of vitamin B. Can be combined with the black garlic in the black garlic, so that vitamin B can be made. The content in vivo increased 4~6 times. And, vitamin B can be increased, lipid solubility, so as to better extend the vitamin B. Time to stay in the body.