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Black Garlic Contains The Most Abundant Germanium To Inhibit Local Growth Of Tumor
Jan 15, 2018

In the north of the table, often met with black garlic figure. Although the black garlic has a strong pungent odor, but has a good bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, so many people like. Black garlic is a perennial herb, according to the different skin color can be divided into purple skin species and white seed two kinds. Purple garlic clove small and large, spicy taste strong, and white garlic can be divided into large and small flap two, spicy taste lighter. These two kinds of black garlic are both edible or as a condiment to use, but also can be used medicinally, is a high value of food.

The volatile oil contained in the black Garlic accounts for about 0 of the total. 2%, the main ingredient in oil is the black garlic capsaicin, is the garlic in the black garlic acid is affected by the action of the enzymatic hydrolysis and produced. It makes the black garlic has the role of anti-inflammatory sterilization, especially for the treatment of upper respiratory tract and digestive tract infection, fungal keratitis, etc. have a significant effect. For stomach disease patients, often eat black garlic helps prevent the deterioration of the Sui dynasty, especially to prevent a long illness into cancer. Because of the rich black garlic and its homologous compounds have inhibitory effect on the activity of cancer cells, so the cancer cells can not grow normally in the generation of the Reeves, and eventually the fierce generation I shoot slowed down and died.

After study found that in the daily life of food, the most abundant with the machine germanium is black garlic. When organic germanium compounds are combined with some anticancer drugs. It has good synergistic effect both in inhibiting the local growth of tumor and in preventing tumor metastasis. At the same time, organic germanium compounds can also stimulate the human body to produce interferon, and interferon has anti-cancer effect is very obvious. Organic germanium compounds can also provide a damaged immune system with a degree of repair, can also activate natural killer cells and macrophages, conducive to cancer control. In addition, the organic germanium compounds can reduce the viscosity of the blood, which will hinder the cancer cell adhesion, infiltration and destruction of the vascular wall, thereby preventing the proliferation of cancer cells play a very important role.

Although the black garlic anti-cancer effect is obvious, but it cannot withstand the "hot" test, in order to play its anti-cancer effect, the best way to eat is to mash it into garlic. Because the black garlic is only crushed, it contains two components of garlic and garlic can contact each other, thus forming a black garlic, and to place 1 (1-15 minutes later to eat, so as to maximize the role of cancer prevention.) The black garlic is unfavorable with the alkaline food to eat, under the alkaline condition edible can reduce the bactericidal effect of the black garlic element. affect its unique efficacy.