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The use of black garlic is related to various fields
Jan 15, 2018

Black garlic Manufacturers believe that the use of black garlic because of the special chemical composition of the black garlic, it has a wide range of uses:

① food industry. Used as seasoning, preservatives, etc., can also be made into a variety of garlic products to meet the needs of people's lives.

② pharmaceutical Industry. Known as "natural broad-spectrum bactericidal agent for ascorbic acid stabilizer, protease inhibitor, etc."

③ Cosmetics industry. Used for making nails, hair, skin and other cosmetic cosmetics.

④ machinery Industry. Used as metal rust inhibitor, chemical plating stabilizer and so on.

⑤ word material industry. Used in poultry word feed nutritional additive ... "The father of Indian medicine," he noted in his writings: "Black garlic, in addition to a nasty smell, its real value is higher than gold."

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