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The nutritive value of black garlic is higher than that of ginseng
Jan 15, 2018

When the black garlic is on the market. Since the 1970s, more and more attention has been paid to the research and application of the medicinal value of black garlic. Today, black garlic has become the preferred natural treatment drug for antibacterial, immunity, blood lipid and anti-tumor in Europe, America and other countries.

Scientific research found that black garlic contains more than 400 kinds of healthy substances, the nutritional value of black garlic is higher than ginseng, is the first health care products:

Black garlic or native antibiotics, medieval Europe plague epidemic, most people rely on black garlic escaped extinction: Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica" also has the record of the black garlic treatment, our country folk commonly used black garlic to prevent colds, meningitis, dysentery and other infectious diseases-

Black garlic is the scavenger of blood vessels. Many human diseases are caused by high levels of fat in the blood, many of the daily foods, such as sausage, cheese, and so on, will make the blood fat doubled: But if you eat garlic at the same time, the trend of fat rise will be contained. The black garlic also has the function of preventing and reducing the buildup of arterial fat plaque. Fat plaques can cause heart disease after they accumulate in the coronary arteries.

hypertensive patients eat a few pickled garlic in the morning, and drink two tablespoons of vinegar juice, even half a month can reduce blood pressure. Eat garlic every day, can disinfect detoxification, prolong life. People who eat black garlic often have less than half the probability of having stomach cancer than those who don't. People who eat more black garlic also have a very low probability of developing rectal cancer.

The reason why the black garlic can have such a good effect is because it contains two kinds of active substances, methionine and garlic enzyme. Garlic and garlic are each quietly in the fresh black garlic cells, once crushed black garlic, they will contact each other, thus forming a kind of black garlic, black garlic has a strong bactericidal effect. The black garlic element is afraid of hot, salty, encounter the hot encounter salty will lose the function: Therefore, the black garlic best raw, mash into the mud, put 15 minutes, let the garlic acid and the garlic enzyme in the air unifies produces the black garlic element to eat again.

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