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The Application of Garlic for Beauty Skin and Hair
Mar 29, 2018

Garlic (Allium sativum L) , is not only our favorite food and flavor & fragrance,  but also has been used medicinally for over two thousands of years in China. Now researches on garlic applications are actively carried out in the world. Garlic is widely used in food and medicine, as well in cosmetics as ideal herbal additive element.


Garlic has unique odor. Its main biologic active substance is an abundant series of sulfur-containing compounds, among which diallyl disulfide is the most important one which is call allicin. These compounds are generated from alliin decomposed by allinase.


The biological benefit of garlic on the skin

Garlic has the function of anti-microbial, detumescence, detoxification, carminative, improving blood circulation, preventing hair loss and anti-itch, etc. The anti-microbial element is known as allicin.

Nowadays more and more cosmetics are using garlic as an organic natural herbal element to achieve the pharmacodynamic effect, which meets the modern consumption trend and concept of return to nature.


How is garlic used in cosmetics products?

Distilled and solvent extracted deodorant garlic extracts can be used for cosmetics such as:

l  Garlic nail polish to recover to vitality and keep luster ,

l  Garlic pomade and shampoo to regenerate hair, 

l  Garlic cream and emollient water to protect skin from inflammation and keep nourishing

With long-term use it can increase skin vitality, keep the skin moist and white, keep hair growth, care hair, nourish hair and many other functions and applications if you dig more.


An example formula for garlic cosmetic product:

Garlic anti-itch shower gel:

Garlic extract 0.5, Chamomile Flower Extract 1.0, Squalane 2.0, Liquid paraffin 80.0, Emulsifier 13.0, Fragrance with appropriate amount, Refined water 3.5.

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