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Selenium-rich effect of black garlic and speciation analysis of selenium
Jan 15, 2018

The content of selenium in the stems and leaves of black garlic and Allium sativum was analyzed by field experiment of spraying selenium fertilizer on the leaf of black garlic, and 3 methods were introduced by water extraction, acid extraction and enzymatic extraction.

The forms of selenium in black garlic were extracted, and the selenium forms in common black garlic and selenium-enriched black garlic were determined by HPLC coupled plasma mass spectrometer. The results showed that the content of SE in garlic garlic was 0.047μg/g by spraying selenium fertilizer. By comparing 3 kinds of selenium morphological extraction methods, it was proved that the extraction rate of enzyme method was the highest. The main selenium forms in common black garlic and selenium-enriched black garlic. Compared with the common black garlic, through foliar spraying of selenium fertilizer, the main transformed organic selenium form in black garlic, which accounted for 81.2% of total selenium, kept abreast of the structure by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry, but there was still unknown selenium peak in acid extract, which needed further identification.

Selenium is one of the essential micronutrients of human and animal, and many diseases of human and animal are related to the lack of microelement selenium. It has been proved by practice that proper selenium supplementation can improve the result of endemic diseases due to selenium deficiency. In China, 72% of the land area is low selenium or selenium deficiency soil, the residents of these areas generally low selenium intake, restricting the Chinese food selenium nutrition status. Therefore, the rational improvement of the selenium level of agricultural products is an important way to supplement the nutritional needs of human selenium. Different selenium-enriched methods have a close relationship with the bioavailability of selenium in plants and animals. It can be seen that raising the selenium content in the food chain by improving the contents of SE in plant products is the fundamental way to control selenium nutrition and prevent selenium deficiency disease.

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