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Prostate,chronic pain and treatment with Palmitoylethanolamide
Apr 03, 2018

It inhibits the activation of the mast cells and the secretion of inflammation promoting substances by multiple cells in the prostate. It is our natural ‘brake’ on inflammatory processes that have run out of hand. PEA is produced by the prostatic cells in chronic prostatic pain, but not in adequate amounts to break the circle.

PEA has been available since many years as a food supplement to counteract the processes described above. However, it has mainly been used by Italian and Spanish doctors. This is due to the fact that the effects of PEA were discovered in 1993 by Italian Nobel laureate prof. Levi-Montalcini. Since then, lots has been said and written in Italy about this compound. But as Italian language publications do not spread readily to non-Italian (or Spanish) speakers, little was known about PEA elsewhere.

Now, through the work of two small organisations, an Italian and a Dutch one, PEA is becoming more and more known in Northern Europe and the rest of the world as a food supplement. Particularly since two key clinical review articles were published in English, more and more doctors and patients start to use PEA to treat chronic pain- and inflammatory syndromes.

The dosage schedule for chronic pain and infections is 2 times daily for Normast 600 mg. It has been shown that this compound that is naturally present in the human body is safe to use and can be used easily in combination with all kinds of other drugs and painkillers without negative effects.


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