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Prospect of future development of black garlic
Jan 15, 2018

Black garlic is fermented by garlic one months, its nutritional home value, polyphenols and other nutrients are 10 times times the average garlic, and remove the special stimulation of garlic not to, especially for the three high crowd and constipation use.

At present, domestic processing of black garlic Scale-type enterprises not more than 5, and basically export-oriented, the domestic market has just started, Dalian is basically a blank market, consumer awareness of the product seriously inadequate.

At present, the domestic sales to black garlic, garlic rice, dark garlic garlic and the capsule, and other products, such as garlic liquid form, sales channels to stores and counter sales-oriented, black garlic sale price is basically about 15 yuan/head.

Consumers more concerned about the safety of food, organic food and health products, the desire to increase consumption, increased income level makes the purchase capacity is significantly better than 5 years ago, China's health food sales in the annual growth rate of 30%, consumer desire and consumption capacity in the organic health food field already have, At present, the difficulty of the industry is the consumer's choice of products, to the product quality enough to understand and trust.

"Two times" and "green development" concept proposed that the group needs not only the original industry based on innovation, but also in the new industry to try. The development of organic food industry is the group's new industrial layout, black garlic products are the group into the organic food market, a breakthrough point. Through the accumulation of sales channels, end customers and industry experience, we can further enrich the product structure, and quickly enter the new product into the sales channel.

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