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Inhibits the generation of citricin in red yeast rice
Apr 07, 2018

In solid fermentation, the accumulation of Monacolin K was the largest in the late growth stage of the monascus mycelium.

 At the same time, because the starch solid culture makings is Monascus purpureus secreted amylase and saccharifying enzyme liquefied ,and ventilation environmental degradation, the cell walls of mycelium was high osmotic glucose liquid infiltration, so that its growth metabolism appear allergy, prompted the citrinin generated to inhibit the growth of other miscellaneous bacterium.

Therefore, inhibition of citrinin generation is the key to control the fermentation process in the strains of quality and material moisture, ventilation rate, cultivation temperature and humidity, thus effectively improve Monacolin K content in the red yeast rice and inhibit the generation of citrinin.

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