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Five taboos in edible black garlic
Jan 15, 2018

Japanese scholar Meltzer Zhangliang raised five taboos of edible black garlic:

(1) Do not overdose, every day can eat raw garlic one or two petals, cooked garlic three or four petals, the child is halved;

(2) Avoid fasting edible, otherwise it may cause acute gastritis:

(3) do not eat raw garlic for a long time. In his opinion, the black garlic has the effect of making the intestine harden, which often causes constipation;

(4) often eat black garlic will kill large fi in the intestinal normal one flexor, resulting in many skin diseases;

(5) Prohibit external use, the external use of black garlic is the cause of skin chapped.

Folk saying: "Black garlic hundred benefits and alone harm eye", so some people think, eat black garlic for a long time, to more than 50 years old will appear blurred eyes, eyesight drop, tinnitus, top-heavy, memory decline and other symptoms. Especially in the hot summer, a large number of edible black garlic, eye damage history. So for myopia patients or eat less and do not eat black garlic for good, especially in the weak qi and blood, poor mu can not eat black garlic, Lai is easy to deepen myopia.

Black garlic on the stomach mucosa has a certain irritant, so that gastric acid secretion increased. If eating raw black garlic, the best in the stomach secretion of protective mucus to eat, otherwise it will damage the gastric mucosa, the formation of early gastric ulcer, light will also cause femoral pain discomfort. Therefore, the stomach or duodenal ulcer active stage patients, and acute gastritis patients should be careful to eat black garlic.

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