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Development status of Garlic oil
Jan 15, 2018

China is the world's most important producer and exporter of garlic, but there are few deep processing of garlic, mainly exports of primary products and raw materials products. In order to enhance international competitiveness, deep processing of garlic, especially the extraction of high-quality garlic oil. It is necessary to make the product develop to the high value-added direction. This requires a continuous improvement of the extraction process of garlic oil.

The traditional extraction of water vapor distillation and organic solvent extraction method, the extraction time is long, and garlic oil extraction rate is relatively low. The supercritical CO2 extraction technology has the advantages of short production cycle, high extraction efficiency, safety and reliability, in which the test and industrialized application are already in progress.

It is believed that with the further research of supercritical extraction technology and industrialization, the application of this technology in garlic deep processing will develop rapidly. The new ultrasonic and microwave assisted extraction technology has the advantages of improving the mass transfer rate and shortening the leaching time, which shows the advantage in the natural product extraction. But this kind of method is still in the laboratory research stage at present, the large-scale application to its industrial production needs further research. At the same time, in the process of extracting garlic oil, we should improve and perfect the technology of deodorization and stabilization of allicin to ensure the good quality and activity of the extracted garlic oil. At the same time, we should intensify the research and development of garlic oil deep-processing products, use good products to help raise people's understanding of garlic oil and promote the development of this field.

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