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Application category of garlic oil
Jan 15, 2018

Garlic oil is a broad-spectrum antibacterial substance, which has many pharmacological functions, such as activating cell, promoting energy generation, increasing antibacterial and antiviral ability, quickening metabolism and relieving fatigue. Therefore, it is widely used in many fields.

In medical treatment, allicin can be used to treat infectious diseases, digestive diseases, oral diseases, cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, and has anti-aging, metal poisoning, anti-cancer and other functions.

In aquaculture, allicin has a significant effect on animals, and in vivo sterilization, antioxidant, and can enhance animal immune function. Adding allicin in various animal feeds can improve animal feed intake and feed conversion rate, improve survival rate of animals, reduce morbidity, and improve meat quality of animal products, is a very useful feed additive.

In planting, allicin can be used to control crop pests and nematodes. Some enterprises are optimistic about the development of allicin, in order to use convenient and increase the curative effect, has developed the garlic element, the garlic element injection, the garlic element rubber pill, the garlic element effervescent tablet, garlic oil microcapsule, garlic gas mist agent, garlic tincture, garlic liquid, garlic syrup, garlic slice, garlic enema liquid, garlic injection and so on.

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