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Garlic Extract

  • Garlic Extract Supplement --Odorless Allicin

    Garlic Extract Supplement --Odorless Allicin

    What is Allicin? Garlic has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Many different cultures have learned to use garlic for its benefits to the immune system and its ability to fight infections.Nonetheless, Allicin, the major biologically active component of garlic ,is...Read More
  • Antibacterial Garlic Extract 1% Allicin

    Antibacterial Garlic Extract 1% Allicin

    What is Allicin Allicin is a trithio allyl ether compound that is naturally found in the bulbs of the Liliaceae garlic. On a variety of Gram-positive and negative bacteria have antibacterial effect on bacilli, fungi, viruses, amoeba, vaginal trichomoniasis, pinworm and so...Read More
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